Thursday, March 31, 2011


I always look forward to receiving my Real Simple magazine each month and when the April issue arrived, I was excited. The main article is "Spring Cleaning Shortcuts," which I'm all about. Other articles include 15-minute dinners, save smarter and colorful fashion. Down at the bottom you will find "How to Stop Procrastinating--Now." As usual I start at the first page and read the articles one by one and when I like something, I rip the page(s) out and save it. On approaching this article about procrastinating, I skipped over it and know I would come back to it... yes I just procrastinated reading an article on how to stop procrastinating! So after a long day of putting things off I finally sat down to read the article. WOW! I'm totally going to follow all 7 suggestions and hopefully find myself procrastinating less and less. For those of you who might not read this wonderful magazine, here is an overview of the article.
1. Do the worst thing first
2. Start your day over at 2pm
3. Make the job smaller
4. Create an audience
5. Race the clock
6. Don't interrupt yourself
7. Plan an unprocrastination day

I have started with #1 and decided to write a blog entry. Next will be to keep updating this blog every other week. See how I just added #4 from the list. I'm going to focus on my Close To My Heart business for the next 6 months, so I'll be updating my calendar with lots of fun events, including one big sale. I'm looking forward to this new challenge and will hopefully be successful in all the areas of my life. :)