Friday, March 3, 2017

2017 Goals

In an effort to be a bit different this year with my goals and view of 2017, I decided to listen to a few different people and their take on goal setting. One person talked about setting lifetime big goals and each year breaking them down into manageable steps.  So one night, I set a date with my Lovey and we talked about some lifetime goals we would like to set.  After about 15 minutes we had only come up with 10 between us.  After thinking it was sad, we actually started talking about all the things we have done already that would normally be on that list.  We have traveled to many amazing places, lived in 2 different countries, and run the original marathon... then the ideas started coming.  From there I set goals that would help us towards our big goals of retirement, traveling, and growing old together.  

My top 5 for the year are:

1. Read 30 books
2. Save $10,000
3. Run 2 half marathons and 1,000 miles
4. Finish 6 scrapbooks (from my list)
5. Finish my Advent cross-stitch

Once broken down into monthly, weekly, and even daily goals, I see how this year will be busy.  I have found a love for reading this dyslexic girl would never have thought.  It's true the more you read the faster you get.  I have a huge stack of books by my bed and can't wait each day for my reading time.  Currently I'm readying 3 VERY different books, Flying Black Ponies by Kit Lavell, Uninvited by Lisa TerKeurst, and Craft A Life You Love by Amy Tangerine.  I don't normally ready 3 books at once, each one is so different and easy to read a chapter a day without being overwhelmed.  Honestly, they all represent a little about who I am and what I like; history, faith, and crafting.  Bonus points: the history book is about VAL-4 the squadron my Dad was in during the Vietnam war.

Saving money has never been something I've been good at, I was about to set aside money while Cory was deployed last year and still have lots of fun with the kids.  This year it might be hard to save much as we are waiting for orders and if the USMC plays nice and we move back home, we have lots of things to do around the house that has been a rental for the past 5 years.

Running, this is a daily thing for me or at least 4-5 days a week.  Broken down it's about 83 miles a month or just under 3 miles a day.  January was an awesome month with 91 miles, February was a little less with taking a week off after traveling with 73.  I'm still on track towards 1,000 miles and we have signed up for a half marathon next month.  Again, we are waiting to see what is next for us before signing up for the second half.

Crafting, specifically scrapbooking has been challenge for me the past few years.  I have had the same goal each year to finish 2 kids 1st year books.  This is the year!!!  I also need to get our Christmas book up-to-date along with the kids school albums.  Easy day, that all manageable and once I get started watch out.

Finally my Advent cross-stitch, which when I bought it looked so simple.  Guess that's what I get for buying something while on holiday in Norway.  It's super cute and I don't know if I'll actually use it as an Advent calendar or just a cute decoration during the Advent season.  I started last summer and have not been very consistent with my time.  There are 3 pages to the pattern, so far I'm almost finished with the first page.  As my sister said "just keep stitching, just keep stitching!"  It will be a project that I will be happy to cross off the list, no pun intended!

There you have it, 5 goals for 2017.  Below is a picture of my Vision Board that I started and will add as time goes on.  I love having a daily reminder of what I'm working towards, a wonderful life with my husband and kids.  Off to log some miles on my treadmill and maybe get a little crafting done after reading.  It's going to be a great day!  

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