Monday, March 6, 2017

Goal #5 Advent Cross-Stitch

While on a Disney Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, I stumble into a shop and found this amazing cross-stitch.  I looked at it and thought to my self, "I LOVED to stitch when I was little, I could totally do this".  That was the summer of 2015 right before moving to North Carolina where our first few months were turn upside down with the delay of our household goods shipments and the loss of 2/3 of our storage.  To say I was depressed was putting it mildly.  I didn't want to do anything or even think about stitching.  After a few months of feeling sorry for myself I decided to take out the cross-stitch when my parents were visiting.  My Mom (an expert stitcher) looked at it and laughed, she said "good luck, it's going to take a while."  Oh great!!!  We tried to start with the fabric that was provided, only to get frustrated.  So I ordered new fabric and put the pattern away.

About 8 months later, on a trip to California during my huband's last deployment, I started to stitch.  I managed to complete the top girls hat.  Again, the project sat.  I set the goal of finishing during the deployment, I would stitch here and there, not making much progress since I was both parents to 3 active kids and focusing on other things.  I decided to make it a goal for 2017 and have stuck with it for the past few months.

This is the progress I've made!  I'm loving seeing it come together and feeling a sense of my childhood come back as I finish each line.  The progress is slow, daily stitching helps keep my mind off the potential of upcoming orders and at least one of my kids has expressed an interest.  I hope I can teach her to love something that has been passed down from generation to generation.  After working the past few days, I've assessed it should take me most of the year to finish this with daily stitching.  Here's to having this cute decoration for Advent 2017!!!

Happy Crafting!

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