Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Going to admit it... I need HELP!!!  Serious help when it comes to organizing my craft stash.  What worked in the past isn't working now and I need to finally get some of the projects on my list finished.  Why do I still have boxes upon boxes in my crafting room, because I can't seem to stay in the "FROG" longer than my time on the treadmill.  It stresses me out that I have such a mess in my craft room and I just walk out.  Well, today that ends!  See in one of those boxes is the new organization system from Close To My Heart, I think I'm going to love it, just need to clean off one of the tables and actually use it.  

I need to really learn to not just buy the amazing products from CTMH, actually USE them!!  This month the super cute Thin Cuts are on special and I'm going to use them, just after I either find the proper plates or order a new one.  It's an issue, not quite ready for a hoarders support group, potentially getting close.  Wish me luck as I go in, if you don't hear from me in the next few days, send help!!!

Happy Crafting!

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